Tips on how to sell your home 6-10

It’s a flat market out there so if you are going to sell your home in a reasonable timescale you need to make sure you give yourself the best chance.

Here are the next 5 tips on selling your house.


6. “Kerb Appeal”

I know it’s probably the most overused saying in property sales but it’s still important. Brighten up anything that looks tired with a lick of paint, remove unsightly things such as bins, put up some hanging baskets and mow the lawn. FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT!


7. De-clutter and spruce up

Mirrors can give the illusion of space, spruce up rooms with a paint job in neutral warm tones. Clear kitchen work tops. Clear “products” from the bathroom. Remove posters from kid’s bedroom. Remove photos.

If you have a pet try and send it to the relatives whilst viewings take place.

Remove as much of the “junk of life” as possible this will add to the feeling of space and will allow buyers to visualise living there.

Add flowers – they look and smell great.


8. Clean up

The kitchen & bathroom should look “mint”.  Clean the carpets and sofa covers. Make sure the garden is tidy and inviting. Replace broken fittings and light bulbs. The “little things” count.


9. Define each room

Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in a property. So remove the papers from the dining room. If the spare bedroom is being used as a dumping ground, get rid of all the clutter and make sure it has a bed in there!


10. Preparing for viewings

If you know someone is coming round: sweep up, get rid of any animal hair, leave the pet with a neighbour. Turn lights on and heating up. Don’t smoke or cook a curry. If you have a driveway leave space for the buyer to park.


5 More House selling tips in the next blog………….


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Your initial mortgage consultation is obligation free. There may be a fee for our mortgage service of up to £395 though in some circumstances this may be waived. Being independent we also offer a “fee only” option which is typically 1% of the amount borrowed and any commission derived from the lender is returned to you. The precise amount will depend on your circumstances and mortgage loan amount, and will be discussed and agreed on before you make a mortgage application.


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