Home Buying Tips – Tips 6-10

It is the biggest purchase of your life – let’s make sure that you get it right! 

6. What’s in the Neighbourhood?….

  • Do you like the local shops?
  • Is there graffiti on the walls?
  • What are your priorities? – What do you need in walking distance: Good schools, Pubs, shops,….?
  • Are there parks and open spaces?
  • Pop in to the local police station or ask the local bobby.

One of my clients thought it was wonderful to live down the road from a pub……that was until he found out that the local youths drunken pass time was to run across the roofs of cars on their way home. Unfortunately he had a convertible!!…..

7. The top ten things to ask the sellers:

1. Who lives upstairs/ downstairs, next door?

2. Have there been neighbour disputes?

3. How long has it been on the market and how many viewings / offers have they had?

4. If it is a flat – how long is the lease, how much is the ground rent/ maintenance charge?

5. How long have they lived there and why are they moving?

6.When was it rewired, how old is the boiler and when was it last inspected?

7. Have they found a property? If so how many people are in the chain?

8. Have there been any structural problems?

9. What is included in the sale?

10. What renovations have been done?

8. View at different times of the day/ week

Does a quiet road on a Sunday become a noisy speed track on weekdays?

Is it quiet in the day because the neighbours are at work only to play loud music at deafening volumes until the late hours?

….Do yourself a big favour and arrange a few viewings at different times

9. Take photos with your mobile

This can help you keep track when you are viewing many properties

10.  Check out the neighbours

It’s useful to find out who you will be living next to, also chat to neighbours who may be a little further away as they are more likely to be honest. They are less likely to be friends with the neighbours or anxious to get shot of them.


    5 More Home Buying Tips in the next blog………….

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Your initial mortgage consultation is obligation free. There may be a fee for our mortgage service of up to £395 though in some circumstances this may be waived. Being independent we also offer a “fee only” option which is typically 1% of the amount borrowed and any commission derived from the lender is returned to you. The precise amount will depend on your circumstances and mortgage loan amount, and will be discussed and agreed on before you make a mortgage application. 


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